New Lenovo cPlus flexible Concept Smartphone


Lenovo cPlus Still very much conceptual devices.

Based on flexible display technology.

Conceptual smartphone totally flexible display.

CPlus flexible smartphone plus smartwatch.

Curl up on itself through almost 360 degrees.

Creating a bracelet you can wear on your wrist. Lenovo CPlus when unfolded this smartphone looks like a remote control with a huge screen nevertheless be dense on the top on the bottom of the phone or a little bit unusual  but this phone wait for it it bends Oh believe it or not the C flash can be used around the wrist but don’t get overexcited when the phone  was shown to the press and a closed event in San Francisco the representatives of Lenovo recognize that the screen can still crack like shattered glass when rolling it the electronic insides of the C Class are divided into  different segments and so the phone can be used as a SmartWatch and the interface changes according to the way you want to use it .



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