Top 5 Places Every Photographer Should Visit In 2022

Top 5 Places to visit

You don’t have to be a professional photographer or even own an expensive camera with a 1080p HD video camera to appreciate the beauty of this world. Many unique places around the globe are visited by millions every year, but for most photographers, they’re not worth mentioning.  I mean, how many people would want to take photos of yet another tourist with a selfie stick in front of the Hollywood sign? Exactly!  So, in no particular order, there can be some places you can every photographer should visit.

In 2022, the world will be a very different place from what it is today. However, some places have been photographed so extensively over the years that they have become iconic to the real art of photography itself. Here is a list of five such places and why you should visit them in 2022:

1. Canada

Although only a few people would rank Canada as one of the top photography destinations, it provides stunning views and world-class natural attractions like no other country can. The natural beauty of Niagara Falls will make any photographer seethe with awe, while those who hate taking landscape pictures will find plenty of incredible cityscapes and architecture shots. Plus, if you’re a fan of hockey, Canada is THE place to be as they host the annual World Hockey Championship every year!

2. Antarctica

You can’t visit Antarctica unless you go on an expensive expedition ship that lets you take about five steps outside your bedroom window before putting you back inside and away from the cold and wind. However, this should not discourage you; it’s one of those places that’s worth visiting, even if only to say that you’ve been there. It’s beautiful with its icebergs and glaciers; plus, it has plenty of wildlife like penguins (obviously), seals, whales, and such.

3. Iceland

Iceland is one of the most popular travel destinations among photographers these days. It’s not hard to see why either; the island is filled with so many incredible landscapes and amazing views that any photographer would be amiss to pass it up just because he can’t speak Icelandic or find Reykjavik on a map. Whether you’re into waterfalls, volcanic craters, glaciers, deserts, or mountains, you’ll find them all in this small island country.

4. Dubai                  

One of the main reasons Dubai makes it to almost every “best places for pictures” list is its unique architecture that you will love or hate. With its artificial islands, the world’s tallest building (Burj Khalifa), the largest shopping mall in the world (Dubai Mall), and an indoor ski hill, you can’t deny that this desert city is a photographer’s paradise.

5.  The Pyramids, Egypt

Last but not least are the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World which have remained at the top of must-see lists for decades now. Although they were officially completed back in 2560 BC, these pyramids are still among some of the best-preserved structures from antiquity that you can still visit today without having to sign up for an archeological expedition or risk being mummified yourself. Look at it as a free trip into history before 2022 rolls around!

6.  The Eiffel Tower, Paris

Whether it’s because of Monet or just another one of those landmarks in Paris that people have to take a picture with when going through France, this tower has been photographed more times than anyone can count since its initial construction completed back in ’89. A lot has changed since then, though; initially, only able to hold up to 300 lights at once. It now holds almost half a million lights used to improve the tower’s visibility when the sun goes down.

Wrapping Up!

For many of us, photography is primarily about taking beautiful images and sharing them with the rest of our family or friends. However, there’s a lot more to it than just clicking the shutter button and having a good time with your camera. It’s all about personal growth and learning new things every day, experiencing different cultures worldwide, and becoming better people in general. Photography has been one of my greatest passions for nearly five years now, and I can’t imagine what life would be without it.

We hope you enjoyed the list of top 5 places every photographer should visit in 2022.


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