Article Submission

Article Submission

Article submission refers to the process of posting articles to a website with the intention of getting more number of viewers to visit the website and read the articles. Not all articles written are submitted to the wire. In order that an article is accepted for submission and attract the eye of the viewers, it should comply with the norms of Search Engine Optimization, or SEO.

The primary objective of article submission is to catch the eye of the visitors and make them read your articles. In order to achieve that objective, it is very much essential that the article submission is not only well written but it is engaging. If the article written for submission in interesting as well as impressive, there is every possibility that more readers will be attracted to the website.

As such, the reader and his interests should be kept in mind while writing an article for submission to the wire. The interests of the reader should come first for article submission that SEO with keywords and phrases. Even if there are not many keywords and phrases in the article submitted to the wire, more number of visitors can be lured to read the article as long as it is unique and appeals to the reader.

Keywords and Phrases in the Article

The most fundamental aspects in SEO are the keywords and phrases in the article. The article that has a specific phrase of word appearing a number of times will get a higher rank in the search engine and the probability of that being read by more visitors is high. Before submitting article to the wire, it is advisable that the writer steps into the shoes of a reader and make a note of all such words or phrases that he, as a reader, might want to look in a search engine in connection with the subject being discussed. Inclusion of more keywords and phrases will help in a large way to drive more traffic to the wire.

Another interesting point worth pondering over is that instead of submitting a single article to more number of websites, one can attempt adding new keywords or phrases to the same article and resubmitting to the same page with different keywords and phrases.


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