Cameras for Vloggers

5 Best and Affordable Compact Cameras for Vloggers

We live in an age where people rise to fame overnight through social media. Times have changed and so have the ways of getting...
Smart Drones

Introduction of smart Drones – Drones and Gimbals Era

Smart Drones - At the soul of many modern cameras, drones are the enchanting device called a 3-axis Brushless Camera Gimbal. It includes multiple...

Amelia – The Artificial Intelligence and your Digital Colleague

Meet Amelia, the artificial intelligence capable of learning from the mistakes of her colleagues After 15 years of research, the computer company IPsoft unveiled, on...
Innovation at Lego

Innovation at Lego Everything is Awesome Tradition of Innovations

Lego bricks are far from being just basic pieces of plastic. They are small technological gems, at the crossroads of many innovations, and which...
Smart Contact Lenses

Smart Contact Lenses Can Measure Blood Sugar Level of Diabetes

Soon, Smart Contact Lenses Can Measure Blood Sugar Level of Diabetes Patients. Smart Contact lenses filled with transparent sensors can help one day to monitor...
hings to do in California

Top Things to do in California

Top Things to do in California - From Hollywood’s glitz and glamour to the luxurious lifestyles of celebrities, California is also a place for...
Things to Edinburgh Scotland

Top things to do in Edinburgh Scotland

The capital of Scotland is already famous among-st travelers as a picturesque and charming city with historic weight underlying its contemporary life. The first city...
Venom F5 - 1

Venom F5 Top Speed High Performance Sports Car

Venom F5 high-performance sports Car, Manufactured by Hennessey Special Vehicles.   Some of the top performance Venom F5 detail is below: The Venom F5 - To be...