Amelia – The Artificial Intelligence and your Digital Colleague


Meet Amelia, the artificial intelligence capable of learning from the mistakes of her colleagues

After 15 years of research, the computer company IPsoft unveiled, on September 29, Amelia, a computer capable of performing certain tasks useful in a company, as well as employees. To achieve this, the machine uses the principles of artificial intelligence.

Amelia. This new employee is capable of offering a company all of her services for IT assistance (after-sales service), but also of managing its supply, carrying out stock market operations for her and giving its engineers expert advice to help them move forward in their work. This super-employee is an artificial intelligence computer program.

It has been developed for 15 years by the American software publisher IPsoft. Machine learning, intelligent language processing program, document analysis and search system, automatic reasoning … All these technologies have been combined to allow him to perform the tasks assigned to him as well as an employee in the flesh. bone.


Amelia has already been tested in several companies that are part of the “Fortune 1000”, the list of the 1000 largest American companies classified according to their turnover. To perform the work requested, she read (in seconds) the instruction manuals used to train employees.

As some video in YouTube explains, she doesn’t settle for just a word-for-word comprehension: according to the team that designed the program, she is able to put the sentences into context and analyze the overall meaning. of a text. Amelia also knows how to observe the work done by her colleagues. She learns from their mistakes and hers, thus becoming more and more efficient.


Amelia was inefficient when she started performing IT support tasks, responding directly to written questions from clients. After a month, thanks to her learning abilities, she was able to find solutions to 42% of the most common problems that were presented to her. After two months, she answered 64% of these questions correctly.

Pepper , Asimo , Baxter … IPsoft would like to install Amelia on humanoid robots to exploit their mechanical functions and further improve its program.



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