Search Engine Indexing

Search Engine Indexing

Search engine indexing means finding and scanning of the documents, which made by the search engines on the request of the user or the text, enter by him to find. It is possible for only search engines when we are looking for some less numbers of documents to scan contents of these entire documents with all the queries on it. This scanning process is little similar to the grep scanning of the document i.e. grep is one of rudimentary tool.

When we provide the text to the search engines, the search is then divide into mostly two parts namely indexing and searching, only the indexing considered as ideal searching because it provides index to all the searches. As if after searching, the index first scans and then makes the list of the documents, which contain that text. In the searching, the query is give through using indexing.

The search engine finds the documents or says searches for the documents related to the text provided to it. The search engines were basically removes or do not use the extra words like when someone write ‘the bus’ he stops the word ‘the’ from its searching, we can say that it is the plus point in it. As if user gets the results, which are relate to these words, he may never found what he is finding.

There also a feature presents in few search engines i.e. when the user type text for searching the search engine will convert it into similar words that are present in some documents. Like if someone enter the word ‘driven’ then it may finds or the scan all the documents which contains that word as well as the word which is similar to it like ‘drove’ and the original becomes ‘drive’ in this searching.

Searching documents in the search engines is now be very easy for everyone using some of the well known search engines it is only because for two reasons. Firstly, the speed of scanning of documents of these search engines are very high and secondly, they provide large no’s of documents in their indexes related to the text provided by the user.

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