Caribbean Tours

The Caribbean is not a simple tropical vacation spot. It is an incredibly diverse region, full of scenic landscape features and unique geological oddities. There are hundreds of Caribbean tours and experiences to choose from such as diving, sailing, exotic foods, sports facilities, and luxury hotels and spas. Surrounded by aquamarine waters and tropical sunshine, these islands provide stunning and beautiful beaches, delicious cuisine, and exotic night life. Every island is a different experience that provides a unique array of landscapes and accommodations.

When to Go

When to go

The most popular time for Caribbean tours and travel has nothing to do with the weather. In fact, it is the weather elsewhere that matters most. From mid-December to mid-April, many tourists come to the islands to escape the snowy weather in Europe and North America. During the high season, hotels can become completely full with many hotels celebrating the holidays like Easter and Christmas with their guests. Prices are always more expensive during the high season and the hotels and beaches are always more crowded.

If you have a smaller budget for your vacation, you can enjoy discounted prices by visiting during the long low seasons. Prices for some hotels can fall have discounts as low as 40%, and the beaches are far more secluded, making your vacation more relaxing. The only downside is that some attractions and resorts choose to close down during this time because there are not enough visitors to generate an adequate profit. In addition, the trade winds are not a strong in the summer, so it may result in cloudy weather. The hurricane season is also in summer, which can bring high speed winds and heavy rain falls. Many shops, restaurants, and hotels close down during August and September to avoid damage during the hurricane season. The best time to visit the islands is between November and December. Rates are still quite low but the weather is pleasant and you will still be able to avoid the throngs of tourists during the high season.

Costs and Money

Costs and Money

Traveling in the Caribbean islands is usually expensive, but costs can greatly vary depending on where you visit and when. The accommodations will also greatly determine how much you spend on your tour because they are usually the most expensive part of your vacation. Cuba, St Vincent, the Dominican Republic, and Grenadines are the best priced places. Trinidad and Barbados have conventional apartments and hotel rooms for adequate prices as well. The Grand Cayman, Aruba, and Antigua are the pricier islands and can easily cost twice the amount of the cheaper islands. Places like the Virgin Islands and St. Barthelemy are also more expensive than average. The luxury level of your accommodations will ultimately determine the cost, but expect to spend anywhere from 50 dollars to 1000 dollars per night.

Caribbean tours and cruises are well known for their exotic and exquisite tasting foods, but they are often quite expensive. One good way to save money is by eating the local food, which is both delicious and cheap. Open air seaside restaurants are often pricey, but a local restaurant farther inland can cost only half the price. If you want to cook yourself, you can rent a villa or room with its own kitchen, and then shop for foods yourself.

The costs of transportation can greatly vary. Car rentals usually cost from 40 dollars to 80 dollars each day. The developed islands will have a good public bus system, which provides a cheap method for getting around. In addition, you will also get a good amount of immersion in the local culture. Certain islands have cheap ferry services and airplane tickets, which can be booked in advance. In addition to the main costs, you should also pay attention to little costs that can quickly add up such as departure taxes, hotel taxes, and service charges.

Hidden Secrets

Hidden Secrets

Aside from the main attractions that a Caribbean tour has to offer, there are plenty of hidden attractions that are often overlooked by most tourists. For example, the Boiling Lake of Dominica is an amazing destination for adventurous travelers. The lake is 207 feet wide and completely veiled in steam with bubbly burps on its boiling hot surface.

The Caribbean Pompeii is another spectacular area, which features a large volcano. Its last eruption was in 1995 after 400 years of no movement, when it obliterated the country’s capital in a sea of ash. Today, visitors are able to visit the site with Caribbean tours specialists and visit abandoned mansions and the surreal city. The former capital of Martinique had a similar fate when a volcano erupted in 1902, destroying the entire city and killing all 30,000 inhabitants of the city, except for three. You can also see these ruins during you Caribbean tours and a visit partially destroyed theatre from the 18th century.


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