Directory Submission

Directory Submission

Directory submissions have the potential to be a time-consuming and tedious task. Internet marketing professionals and SEO experts know that 80% percent of the traffic to your website comes from search engines While directories themselves may not generate an overwhelming amount of traffic to your site, they can greatly improve your search engine ranking.

Links From Directories

Search engines place a premium on one-way links, and that’s exactly what links from directories are one-way links. So simply having a number of one-way links from directories can improve your search engine ranking immensely.

If you don’t have a high-quality site then chances are you won’t get listed by directories. Your content should be useful and relevant. It should be free of “under construction” pages and broken links. Make sure that you keep ads to a minimum that you don’t redirect users to other pages, and that you don’t have duplicate content on another site.

Keep the Following Information

Keep the following information in front of you at all times to make directory submission easier: Your URL, the title of your website, a description of your website, your keywords, and your name and address.When preparing your website title, remember that some directories will only accept your website’s official name while others will allow some keywords. If you submit your URL to sites that allow keywords, don’t succumb to the temptation to keyword stuff.

When preparing your description, just write two or three factual statements about your business. It should never sound like an advertisement.

Some directories require you to separate your keywords by commas while others require you to separate them by spaces. Write them out in both formats to make this job a little easier.

Use DMOZ and Yahoo

Use DMOZ and Yahoo to find more-specialized niche directories. When you’re checking out each directory, pay attention to how it’s organized, and spend some time determining which category or categories are most appropriate for your site. When you submit your site, note it on a log with the date of your submission.

Some directories notify you when your site is listed and some don’t. Be sure to check the directories to which you have submitted often to find out if your site is listed. If it’s been over two months and your site still isn’t listed, try submitting it again, but don’t resubmit any sooner than that.


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