Innovation in Automobile Technology

Innovation in Automobile Technology – Automotive technology continues to grow in leaps and bound, this has seen newer and better innovations finding its way in the motor vehicle. Every time a new technology is launched, another technology of a much higher caliber is released even before the earlier technology is fully appreciated. It will be right to say that creating new and more effective car technology seems to occur much faster. Some of the latest trending car technology include the following:

Economy Mode:

Economy ModeThis is an amazing car technology offers the solution to the ever growing need and desire to conserve the diminishing fuel reserves as well as cutting down on the fueling cost. The economy mode allows the car to determine when to use more fuel and when to completely shut off so as to conserve fuel. The built in computer works in collaboration with the ECU and sensors which trigger devices that increase fuel consumption to shut off when not in need without the intervention of a person. Among the featured items that shut off to save fuel include the air conditioner. The reality of this technology is already rife in the latest models of hybrid cars.

Black Box Technology:

This is similar to the gadget bearing the same name that is used in aircrafts. Just like in the aircrafts , the black box is used to store data that covers different aspects in a driving experience. The information stored in the black box include; the speed the car is driven at different times, the direction of the car, the distance traveled etc. This information is vital for law enforcers, insurance companies and other third parties in instances where information pertaining to an incident is required. Car makers such as General motors’ are already using the black box technology under the name “Recorders”.

Self parking Technology:

self car parkingThis technology has lifted the weight off the shoulders of many drivers who have difficulty in parking in tight spots. By use of sensors, the car is able to Self Park through quick communications between the sensors and computer modules. The car is able to detect barriers and also calculate the spaces in between the car and other obstacles quite accurately. This technology that seems like a clip from the “James Bond movies” is already being used in high end cars and proving quite successful and reliable.

Self Drive Cars:

Google Self Drive CarsThis literally means cars that drive themselves without the intervention of a human being. This technology is made possible via use of numerous sensors that communicate with GPS systems. The driver only needs to input the commands or use voice commands to give directions to the car, the car is able to drive , brake and maneuver just like it would do if under the command of a human being. Mercedes Benz is among the pioneers of the self drive technology and recently had a very successful experiment. The technology was installed in the Mercedes Benz Actros/Axor truck and was able to drive through the highways quite impressively.


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