History of Volubilis City


History of Volubilis City – Columns, porticoes, arches, the remains of a mosaic and ruis of buildings – Volubilis city in present Morocco was the capital of the most remote ancient Roman province. Today of former blossoming remind of Tangier Gate only restored today by miracle the kept triumphal arch which here already nearly two thousand years proudly look at time carrying by over it.

 Volubilis City

Volubilis existed long ago before ancient Romans came to these lands. At the time of a neolith as excavation testifies, there lived people. Much the period of the Karfagenyansky kingdom more is closer to us in the III century BC, and the ambassador in this area territories of Mauritania, the vassal of Rome settled down. After murder in the 40th year AD Ptolemaeus, last of Mauritian governors, these lands, and together with them and Volubilis, became a part of the Roman Empire.


volubilis “Volubilis” in Latin means “fertile” that fully corresponded to the local district. In the district and today it is possible to see a set of plantations of olive trees, and before the city was famous for fertility, for as received the name. Romans built up it duly the architecture, with surprisingly direct the streets, the relying Capitol, a forum with a basilica, an aqueduct, trading houses along the wide main street, swimming baths. In blossoming Volubilis’s population reached 20 000 people, however, as well as many cities of the Roman provinces, in the III century AD, with weakening of the empire, the Roman population left the city.



About destiny of Volubilis the next centuries it is known not much. Though it is known that the people who are speaking Latin, continued to live here up to the VIII century when Arabs here came. The existence of Volubilis stopped not because of wars, as many other ancient cities. The city very strongly suffered from Lisbon earthquake of 1755, practically all buildings and constructions appeared in ruins, and the people left it.


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