Visit Petra in Jordan- A Historical and Archaeological City

visit Petra in Jordan

One of the oldest places in Jordan, Petra, also known as Rose City is a fascinating place to visit this vacation. It is famous for its rock-cut architecture and water conduit system. Established in 312 BC, it is one of Jordan’s most visited tourist place. The nomadic Arabs have benefited from Petra due to its geographical and regional proximity and trade routes. Thus, it is a must to visit this place.

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There are countless reasons that you must visit Petra in the upcoming vacations. Petra was the center of the great Nabatean trade empire. Thus, it has significant importance in history. It was a hub for not only the exchange of goods but also the architectural ideas and culture. Here are some of the reasons you must visit Petra with your friends and family.


The thing that makes Petra one of the most breathtaking sites to visit is its cool stone-curved architecture and the colored stones. The vibrant red, white, pink, and sandstone cliffs have their ancient charm. The city of Petra was lost for thousands of years. Since its discovery, this has become the most desired tourist place. The first settlements in Petra were simple structures of rough stones and clays. After this, the later settlements still kept the same ancient architecture, keeping the history alive.


The world is full of amazing and mesmerizing places. Whether it be mountains, forests, deserts, or seas, everything is perfectly made by nature. Adding to this, Petra is considered one of the astounding wonders of nature. The ethereal mountains and astounding features have added to the overall beauty of this place.

Entering this city is a magical experience and each step takes you closer to nature. Visitors marvel at the intricate carvings in the rock as they weave through the hidden pathways. The natural colors of the rocks simply add charm to the place.


The City of Petra is a reserved heritage. It has been kept away from the modern era for a long time. This has helped the state to preserve its natural heritage and culture. However, apart from this, the government welcomes you to visit Petra. People from all around the world are welcomed to explore this place.

Moreover, it is relatively easy to travel and explore Petra. Due to its completely reliable and cheap things, it is easier to visit this magnificent place. Visiting this place on a group tour is one of the most popular things to be seen.


One of the sure things to watch is the night sky in Petra. Visiting Petra is a phenomenal experience, however, experiencing the night view will take you to the next level. The Pink City is full of beautiful lights and candles. Thousands of candles light your way through the Treasury. Prepare yourself for the “Petra Night Show” with the unveiling views. Therefore, it is one of the best sights to visit whenever you go to Jordan.

Petra has to be the next destination on your bucket list. With ever-increasing adventures, people want new places to visit and explore. Nothing could be better than this old city of Jordan. Its history and charming beauty have attracted many people. It is one of the cheapest places to visit. Thus, cheap air travel along with an affordable dream destination will allow you to have the best travel experience ever.


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There is a lot more to discover in Petra. Along with your friends and family, you can have endless opportunities to get to know its culture and civilization. However, some of the excavations still on its way, the anticipation for this marvelous city grows every day.


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