King Philip of Spain – El Escorial – this monastic complex by right is one of the most known in the world. And the reason for that not only that a monastery, in fact, – the political center of the Spanish monarchy. Founded as “a palace for God and a hovel for the king”, El Escorial-the real architectural masterpiece. Not casually among its informal titles – “eighth wonder of the world”.

Simplicity in construction, weightiness in each detail, nobility without arrogance, greatness without ostentatious luxury is all El Escorial. An extensive complex of buildings in the suburb of Madrid of El Escorial-the most important monument of architecture of the Spanish Renaissance.


The decision on its construction belongs to king Philip II. The king thus wanted to immortalize memory of the father, Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor, but that is not less important, the monastery was constructed on a place injured during hostilities with Frenchmen of a monastery of the St. Lavrenti esteemed at Spaniards of the sacred.

In general, strictly speaking, while the idea about construction gained in strength, its scale grew also. As a result to the world the magnificent palace complex which personifying force of the Spanish monarchy and has at the same time turned into a place of the last rest of a dynasty of the Spanish kings was.

Construction began in 1563 and proceeded twenty one years. But even upon termination of El Escorial continued better year from a year and found the present look in 1617 when there was a Pantheon – a place where all kings and queens of Spain are based practically. Result of that attention which the Spanish kings gave El Escorial as to the center of the Christian world, there was that anywhere in Renaissance art architecture, painting and a sculpture did not meet in such magnificence, as here where each detail looks as an inseparable part of a whole.
elescorial 2
Today El Escorial-it both a palace of the king, and royal library, and Basilica de San Lorenzo de Florencia, and the Pantheon, and also the large collection of painting, a sculpture, frescos and picturesque gardens of Monks in whom it is so pleasant to spend time in thoughts about eternal – beauty, art and caducity of life.


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