Energy from the Sun:

UVolt watch – Heavily on technology to keep it connected and productive in our daily lives and a dead phone battery could be costly,  you’ve old watch is our way of solving this problem in a way this  also helps preserve the environment the watch is equipped with a solar panel that passively captures energy from the Sun that energy is then stored inside a removable compact power reserve under ideal light conditions watch’s power reserve can reach its full capacity within a day low battery just pull out the power reserve from the watch and start charging your mobile device.

Wireless charging Dock:

They also including a wireless charging dock if  you need to start your day with a full charge simply place the watch on the dock and it was fully charged in under 45 minutes to save energy the dock only uses power when a device is placed on it  and automatically turns off when it reaches full charge their aim with the UVolt watch was to create a simple yet highly functional object it’s minimal lines and analog interface makes it an easy fit for any wardrobe it is meant to be a comfortable and personal everyday companion that supports our values as well as our mobile lives.

Design Of  UVolt Watch:

They chose a mechanical watch instead of digital because it would draw less power while providing precise time the watch hands have a minimal width to maximize the performance of the solar panel which covers the entire face of the watch it is also covered with a thin sheet of anti reflective mineral glass to further enhance the solar capacity the power reserve combines a custom circuit that handles the electrical flow of the watch with a high-density lithium ion battery the reserve has an integrated Lightning port for Apple devices or micro USB B and C for Android devices it could even go entirely inquires the charging wire stays inside the power reserve so it’s virtually impossible to forget or lose it at the bottom sits the wireless receiver for inductive charging through the included dock it all fits in a durable aluminum body and on top of that they filled the band with batteries to add more capacity allowing a second charge after the power reserve has been used to achieve this addition they develop the custom pins that lets current go back and forth within the body of the UVolt watch.


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