Flic – What it does:

Flic, What it does, Is it controlled the smart devices  in your  house and lets you control all of them with just one click or a double click  or a hold Not just smart devices, but you can also control your music with it, you can send out emails to someone or do lots of other things. Here is an example – if someone’s in a wheelchair or someone has mobility issues and if they come into their house they would ideally want the lights to be turned on in their house, right At least for the living room, They may even want music to play, it may not be convenient for them to reach every switch and turn on the lights on and off, reach the music system and turn it on and off  With Flic, you can actually create tasks that run with just a click and then, you know what they also made it turn on music (Sonos music system)  With another click, Turn it off as well So, what they are doing is with a press of a button, with a click, Toggling lights and music, on and off. This was a simple example but you can have as many tasks like this as you want, and it’s not that these tasks will run one after the other – they all run simultaneously So, as you enter your house if there are certain things you want to happen, you can program all of them with Flic, and then, click the button, and those actions will be performed for you  Now let’s say it’s time to cook dinner  When you enter your kitchen to cook your dinner, there are certain things that you may want to do, right. So the first thing perhaps would be that the lights that are necessary for your kitchen, should be turned on. You may have a source where you go for recipes all the time on your phone.

 Open your Favorite Website:

You may want to open a browser and go to your favorite website and look up a recipe. You would also perhaps want to let someone know in your family or your friends who you are inviting and send them an email saying that “hey, dinner will be ready soon Bi at the dinner table in 30 minutes.”, okay.  So, all of those things can be programmed as well with Flic. Now, in this case, what I’ll do is – I’m in my kitchen, I would want my lights turned on, and my favorite website for recipes to open on my phone, and an email to go out. So, I’m going to hold my button  Now, what happens is – someone have one light there in kitchen but they have as many smart bulbs as they want so they can program which bulbs they want to be turned on in their kitchen, and the same time, when they hold button it also opened their favorite website on their phone browser  so that they don’t have to fumble with their phone and type it in, and all that stuff right. So, it does that for them and then also it sends out an email as well.

Send Out an Email:

They will make sure that show this on the computer but don’t know if they can see this but it sends out an email as well to certain people just saying that “hey, I’m cooking dinner now, so be ready for it in 30 minutes, 45 minutes, whenever. Another thing you can do with Flic is you can associate it with your IFTTT channel and make it do certain things with IFTTT as well In this scenario, what we are doing is, by double clicking this Flic, will have an email sent out to a certain someone with their current location and the time when they double clicked it.

Helpful for SOS Call:

This is especially helpful when if your loved one has taken a tumble, they’ve fallen or they are out and about and they are lost, and they don’t know how to get back home. If these are certain scenarios you deal with, this situation may be helpful for you. Just to show you what they do, just double click it, Notice that they don’t have any emails in their inbox as of now, but just double clicked it and within a few seconds, they should get an email which will say something like this it will just say “SOS! I need help Please come and get me.” Let’s give it a few more seconds and we should get it soon, That’s email right there. Just has a subject line “SOS!”, and it has also current latitude and longitude, so anybody know exactly where my loved one is Like you see this is just one use of IFTTT with the Flic, but obviously, you can use IFTTT for several other things as well, and you can trigger IFTTT through your Flic. Okay, so, I am in my Flic app on my iPhone, and, what I’ll do is just. so, it shows me how many Flics they have, which right now is just one. So, they are going to press Flic and this is where it shows their what all tasks they can have for each type of trigger So for click they can have certain things for double clicks they can have something else and  for hold there are other actions as well Now and when they want to add a new action all they have to do is click the plus pink sign. For example for the click if they want to add a new action just click the +sign, and then from here they can say look at all these actions that they can perform right with several devices.

For the physical Flic button:

For the physical Flic button there’s the click, double click, and hold actions three actions, but keep in mind that you can also have several tasks performed through the phone as well, If go into Tasks here, it will allow creating an unlimited  number of tasks and each task will have so many actions, If you want to carry this with you all the time you don’t have to carry it in your hand If you want you can wear it because it has a little clip or you can actually stick it  to say a wheelchair for example so it has this adhesive back and it just sticks to any surface So, it will just be ready for you all the time – all you have to do is in your wheelchair, you just press it and it does it’s thing,  Reading on the internet somewhere that there’s a gentleman who is in a wheelchair, and he has these stuck on several surfaces  So, for example, there will be one right by the tv somewhere and he will just approach it, and he will push it with his knee, and that’s how he uses it Also keep in mind that you need your phone with you in order to operate this because it connects to your phone, and through your phone, it does lots of things So, just make sure that you have your phone with you all the time, and the Bluetooth is  enabled as well Oddly enough it also smells really nice, especially when it’s new *sniffs* – if you are into that kind of thing *sniffs again* Not that I am Obviously I’m obviously not into that Anyway, hope you found this article helpful and I hope you find some use for Flic Check it out.


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