When Dodge started out to build a demon they didn’t start out to compete with anyone else in the industry they started out working from their background and being the best version of what they could be because they are completely different they are not trying to be a sports car or not trying to be a pony car they are trying to be a street strip muscle car and there’s no one  else in that space they decided very early on in the project that the key to success on this car was going to be the last 10 and It does not mean the tenth of a second in the quarter-mile Its mean that last tenth of effort  that was going to push you beyond an interesting stat into a stat that had never been done before.

It’s mean you start at the  top of the list drag radials no one has ever put drag rails on a car they’ve been  available in the marketplace but they’ve never been put on a production car that’s a first that we’re very proud of transmission no one has ever put a trans brake in a production  car no one has used the air conditioning  system to cool the inner core’s the demon engine is all-new it’s not a tuned  up version of our health care engine the only part that carries over the cylinder head they Dec honed the block which is something you see on high-end racecar  engines new crankshaft new connecting rod new Pistons new Camp Chef all new valve trains and a new larger 2.7 liter supercharger so all of those things that make a dedicated drag car all of those things that make it awesome on the strip.

you can completely modify you can make this car as comfortable or as crazy as you want it to be there’s two most common questions they get under demon number one why’d you build a car like this and the second question after that how much horsepower does it have and they always tell everybody the horsepower it’s amazing but they want to explain the full performance package and everything that that horsepower enables.

Through a virtual run of what it’s like to drive a demon you strap yourself into a four-point harness take your red key fire up the most powerful v8 production engine ever put in put your car in  to drag mode once you go into drag mode your suspension has already pre calibrated  for maximum lift off the starting line activate your line lock start spinning your drag radio get them hot and sticky over 200 degrees you literally have dripping rubber off of your tires you creep to the starting line adrenaline is flowing  your pre stage you’re 7 inches away from launching this car trans brake check torque reserve check yellow yellow  yellow  green rock you leave the starting line at 1.8 G’s harder than any car has ever accelerated off the starting line that force puts a ton of weight on the rear end of this car forcing the front end up in the air it pulls a wheelie first gear second gear zero to 30 in one second third gear you’re now at sixty miles an hour in 2.3 seconds fourth gear 5.1 seconds you’re doing a hundred miles an hour now things are starting to settle in you’re really getting into this time warp and things are happening so fast you’re getting close to the end of  the track you’re now doing 140 miles an hour as you cross the finish line and nine point six five seconds you have just driven.

This production car faster than any production car has ever finished the quarter mile so fast in fact that after the  NHRA certified that time they banned it from competition and it took 840 horsepower and 770 pound feet of torque introduces being banned from the NHRA with this car at first sounds like a negative but reality is it’s  really huge street credibility for this car even the National Hot Rod Association says you’ve pushed too far you’ve done too much you’ve broken a record  that’s not supposed to be broken in a production car to me that letters a badge of honor.


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