How To Make A Laser Light Security Alarm System

How To Make A Laser Light Security Alarm System

Hello Friends, In This Video we can watch How To Make A Laser Light Security Alarm System for home with very simple way, This Project made a prototype so that the audience can easily understand how to work and how to install a laser on the around the house helping with sipmle mirror and some electronic parts which are detail below.

What You Need To Build This Project:

▪SPST Switch
▪9V Battery
▪47KΩ Resistor
▪Red Laser Light
▪BC547 Transistor
▪LDR (Light Dependent Resistor)

You can get all these components easily from any electronic shop or from online sites like Amazon,E-Bay etc.

Starting Project:

The BC547 Transistor has 3 pins. When the flat side is facing you that time the 1st pin is called the collector, the 2nd pin is called the base and the 3rd pin is called the emitter.
Connect the LDR from the base and emitter of the BC547 Transistor.
Now connect one end of the 47KΩ resistor to the base of the BC547 Transistor and 2nd point to collector.
Connect the buzzer is the way that Postive buzer pin connected with emitter and Negitive side with Nagitive dc volt.
Connect Postive dc volt Postive point to collector on BC547 Transistor.
As soon as you connect the battery the L.E.D and buzzer will come “ON” (if you’re in a dark room). Focus the Laser diode/light on the LDR and Buzzer going “OFF” If you interrupt the laser light focusing on the LDR the circuit will trigger and the alarm will ring!

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