The new device A9 mini GPS Tracker It is a small device that allows real-time tracking of People, pets or cars And saves the location history of the past 30 days, Box contains a tweezer to insert the Micro SIM And a USB cable that will be used to charge the unit Plus a manual with few information of the product,The A9 has a unique Power/SOS button to turn ON and to Call SOS A speaker A Micro SIM Slot And a Microphone We will need A micro SIM card with data plan SMS or text messages And an assigned phone number that will be used to communicate with the A9 The first step is to introduce the micro SIM into the A9 we have to use the tweezer that comes with the device First we open the tab Then, we introduce the micro SIM with the shortest part facing up when we got it We push it gently to the bottom Until it gets locked and you hear a subtle click, Then we close the tab and our device is ready to be used To charge the device we connect the USB cable into the charging slot And the other end can be connected to a PC or any charger with USB port During the charge, the A9 will have the light on and when gets fully charged the light will turn off A full charge is achieved in approximately 2 hours To switch on the device, push the power button for 3 seconds Once it is turned on, the light blinks a few times and then turns off,  If the light continues blinking, there is a problem with the Micro SIM, The Next step is to configure the Access Point Name To setup the APN you must send a text message SMS to the SIM number of the device With the specific commands like  pw,123456, apn, apnname, username, password etc. All separated by commas with # at the end To control the A9 tracker you need to install the AIBEILE application Which can be downloaded by scanning the QR code in the manual In order to install the downloaded app we need to enable the installation of unknown sources For it we must go to adjustments  and next  security and then select where it says unknown sources Once we enable it, we proceed to install the app that we downloaded If you don’t want to follow these steps you can install the App from Google Play Or from the App Store seeking Aibeile.

To start the application we will have to enter the id of our GPS tracker device that we can find in the box of the A9 And its password is 123456 by default On live tracking section we can see in real time where the device is located In this case has no GPS signal and is being located by LBS And has an error of more than 250 meters from where we are If we touch the clock shows us where the device is And if we touch the cell phone shows us where is the phone that has the app The location is updated from time to time but if we touch up it updates its position instantly On Settings section we can configure the A9 device For example by assigning the refresh rate of the device from 1 minute to 1 hour If you choose a high refresh rate, it consumes more data and battery, The Admin number or SMS monitor number Is the phone number enabled to configure the A9 device using text message commands Here put your cell phone number In emergency number, you must write the 2 telephone numbers which can be called from the A9 device by pushing the SOS button I recommend using the whole number with the country code In white list we can setup 5 numbers of allowed phones To call the A9 device Numbers that aren’t in this white list won’t be allowed by the device Voice monitoring is to monitor what is happening where the GPS device is For this we must write our phone number And we will receive a call from A9 device we can listen through the microphone of the unit without being heard Is just for monitoring.


The quality of the microphone is very similar to a standard phone microphone Is heard well if the sound source is less than 50 cm away But if we want to hear what they speak in a room It’s impossible because it does not get it The user can also setup the time range, then user will not be disturbed by the tracker In time zone we must only set the number in this case we are in Argentina that is -3  In device information You can set up data in order to identify each device For example by entering the phone number Something you should do is change the password So only you have access to the A9 device To do this, enter 123456 in previous password And then repeat 2 times your new password click send to change the password On the Messages section. We can see the messages and alarms of the device such as when you have low battery when you are offline or when you activated an SOS On the GeoFence section You can create geographic area boundaries like a virtual fence In which we will be informed if the device A9 exceed that fence In this example, we created a fence of 400 meters radius at the congress area Enter a name and save it On Alarm Settings We can enable or disable sounds I recommend that you leave everything ON On Footprint section we can access the history of the last three months In this example we will access the test day As we can see shows all the points where the A9 device was located with the  information of the day, time and how was acquired the point If it was by GPS, LBS (cellular antennas) or Wifi GPS points are fairly approximate with an error of less than 50 meters but the LBS and Wifi points are not accurate at all with an error between 250 meters to 2000 meters or more  If we hit play we can see the progress of the points and we can adjust the playback speed For more information you can access the instructions that are in the App.

The tracking device Once it is on and with signal cannot be turned off from the button The only way to turn it off is remotely with the application To make an SOS call from the device Push and hold the SOS button for 3 seconds Then we will see that the light goes on only once  and will call the phone that we configured in the application Once we pick up the phone we can talk and listen to whoever has the A9 device The only way hang up is from the cell phone Also, we will receive an SOS notification on the app In order to be able to call the device A9 We must be on the white-list and then we can talk to the device Hi, this is the sound of the GPS speaker, as you can hear it sounds pretty strong in closed environments But in open environments such as the street Sometimes you can’t hear at all This speaker is used when you receive a call in white-list mode and when the S.O.S. alarm is activated Also, we can access to the app from a PC on the page Then enter the imei that is on the box and password 123456 or the new password if you changed it As you can see, the map shows the point where the A9 device is In this case, It took the location via WiFi And has an error of approximately 900 meters If we click live tracking we will be able to monitor in real time the A9 device  In this case, it isn’t moving so we see the same place If we click play,  We can see the historical track stored of the last 3 month choose the period that want to see and click on play As we can see there are points where the measurement was made by using the GPS system and are quite accurate But there are others that was made via Wifi or LBS and have an error of more than 200 meters If we uncheck the show LBS points Can see only the points that was taken by GPS and are accurate We adjust the playback speed and we click play This journey was done in a car And in the wide avenues had GPS signal but in narrow streets it lost the signal.

When walking with the A9 device hanging as a necklace It was difficult to have GPS signal and worked only with Wifi or LBS signal The Geo Fence Is to create the virtual fence that we discussed at the beginning Here we see how to create one from the PC In Target info you can configure the A9 device information In check command we can see the messages that were sent We can also download An Excel file with device tracking information From the PC we also have access to different statistics If we want to change the password from the PC we click undefined And write the password 123456 and then the new password If you got any problem, something may help you is to send the command w,123456,ts# And you will receive a message with all the information.

The advantages of the A9 mini GPS Tracker we can say that is quite useful for children who still don’t know how to use a smart-phone Or old people who don’t control technology It is small and lightweight, and you can use it as a necklace or as a keychain And it’s easy to carry on If it has GPS signal is quite accurate And battery charges relatively fast The main disadvantages we can  mention are the following It is difficult to set up and find information about it It is quite difficult to find GPS signal and it takes some time until you get it Sometimes loses the GPS signal easily tracking by Wifi and LBS is quite inaccurate With an error up to 2000 meters distance between reality and what show the application Indoors we never get a GPS signal Only had GPS signal on the outside and depending on the Zone If you carry it in your pocket or under a garment It is more difficult to get GPS signal according to the manual battery lasts less than 5 days in stand-by.

To us the battery lasted 1 day in several tests that we performed One of the main disadvantages is that in some countries it is impossible to configure the APN Therefore, it will not work correctly In conclusion the A9 mini GPS Tracker Is a useful device for some tasks But for others it is not accurate Depending on your needs, it may be useful to you or it may not Many times the information that gives you is not certain And serves as a guide to find where it is located But has a large margin of error Make sure you set up correctly and you will enjoy its advantages.



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