Cloud Antivirus

In this Article we will let you know about some of the cloud based antivirus available in the market and how you can protect your computer through cloud computing security services.


If you are frustrated about the time to time update of your antivirus then say thanks to the new cloud computing technology that prevents you to update your antivirus. The cloud based anti viruses is a new technology that is becoming popular in the same way the cloud computing is. The cloud  anti-viruses have a  cloud based data centres that contains information about the viruses and have an antivirus that removes viruses. You just need to install a small patch file on to your system that will scan for the available threats and matches all the possibilities with their online data centres. In case there is any threat found the file is transferred to their data centre and scanned by the antivirus to remove possible threats or a small patch file is installed on to the system to remove that particular threat.

The concept of cloud antivirus is based on CloudAV. CloudAV were designed to send documents or file over a network under a thorough inspection of antivirus and behaviour detection programs in order to get the file freed from any possible attacks.

There are various cloud anti-viruses available. Some are described below :

Panda Cloud Antivirus

Panda cloud antivirus protects you from following threats

  • Real-time protection against all types of viruses.
  • Automatic & transparent upgrades of new engine and program versions.
  • URL and Web filtering of malicious, drive-by exploits and phishing sites.
  • Product localized into 20 different language
  • Behavioral analysis of running processes.
  • Automatic USB vaccination to protect from auto-run malware.
  • Automatic upgrades to new product features (firewall, etc.) as soon as they are released.
  • VIP support 24×7 multilingual tech support.

Panda cloud antivirus is rated as best free antivirus by and excellent 5 star award by softpedia. 

Kingsoft Cloud Antivirus

By Applying cloud Protection technology, Kingsoft Anti-virus (FREE) provides efficient and effective security solutions with quicker function and lower CPU usage. Free cloud antivirus software finds growing risks and eliminates invisible risks from your computer quickly. The complete opponent guarantees your pc’s security from any danger. It also provides you with several practical tools, such as USB Device Protection,Hard drive Cleanser, IM Protection, History Cleanser, LSP Repair and so on.

Immunet Cloud Antivirus

With Immunet cloud based anti-virus you get real-time cloud based recognition which doesn’t require computer malware up-dates and also it is fast as opposed to other antiviruses which slow down the computer and also it requires and makes use of low disk space and memory use. With an included security the users get an extra stage of security which guarantees that it is compatible with the current anti-virus. With innovative stage of cloud based  security. You can also schedule the anti-virus operation, store file security, improved computer malware treatment resources, e-mail data source tests, 24/7 assistance with e-mail and via call. With the edition you can have the cloud centered security while with the help of paid edition of 20$, you get the benefits like off-line scanning, innovative computer malware treatment resources and also comes with the e-mail assistance which also tests all messages including the attachments which comes along with the mail.


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