Best Cloud Storage Android Data Apps

Best Cloud Storage Android – Smart phones have taken the world by a storm. The Android operating system found in a number of smart phones is another amazing invention, made truly to make life easier and interesting for each one of the smart phone user. The storage solutions Android data storage apps provide people with are simply the best. It can be said with certainty that they have made life easier and all the more convenient for all. Below listed are 7 of the best cloud data storage apps available on Android, in random order. Android experts now claim it a necessity for all smart phones have these apps for maximum functioning.Dropbox


It is one of the most popular widely used cloud data storage app. In fact the first of many, Drop Box is known to be the model followed by a number of data storage app found in the Android market. Users of Drop Box can use the cloud to upload anything and then download their data without disturbance exactly anywhere at all. There is a prescribed limit of data for free then subscription fee is needed for added storage.Google Drive

Google Drive:

Initially known as Google docs, this application is another of the most effective ones found in cloud data storage. No matter where in the world you are, if you have access to Google Drive on your smart phone, you can easily upload, edit or download any amount of data you want to.Box Drive


This is similar to Drop Box in a number of ways. Box users however have an opportunity to share files easily with people in their contact list. Also users can access all the media and files on their phones, uploaded to Box, literally from anywhere in the world.

Sky DriveSkyDrive:

Sky Drive, is brought to you by the ever reliable Microsoft. This is an efficient cloud storage drive that enables you to store and access your files from simply anywhere in the world on a Microsoft controlled server. Sky Drive has a metro style display which makes using it a very easy experience. Using Sky Drive you can simply share your media and files with anybody you know.



This cloud storage application is endorsed by Mega Limited. Using this app user can create new files, download or upload anything. A 50GB of storage is available for all Mega users so space is never an issue. This app like all others can be downloaded from the Android market without a hassle.

Verizon Drive


This is not a very old application. However recently launched, Verizon Cloud Storage has built its reputation and strong lines of users by providing reliable features and uninterrupted services. The app offers its users a variety of features along with providing them with reliable cloud data storage. Verizon Cloud Storage can be accessed from anywhere in the world if you have it on your Android smart phone.

Amazon Cloud Drive

Amazon Cloud Drive:

Last but not the least is the Amazon Cloud Drive. If you happen to love photography or are a photographer by profession or choice, this is simply the best app for you. You can easily upload and share photos through this app. Also other items like eBooks, images and videos downloaded from anywhere can be easily uploaded and stored on this drive.

The list above provides a summation of some of the best cloud storage apps available for Android smart phones on Google Play. If you want to ensure maximum functionality and convenience of your smart phone and protect your precious data, you definitely need any one of them right away.


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