What is wd 40 used for – Everything You Need To Know


what is wd 40 used for – Everything You Need To Know About the WD-40

what is wd 40 used for – Like everyone else, you surely use the WD-40 to fix noisy doors and rusty screws. If so, good for you! However, there is more to this incredible lubricant than just that. In fact, it might even be the solution to some of your worst nightmares.

Chewing gum stuck in your hair? Are squirrels coming to enjoy your bird feeder? All you need is WD-40 and some useful information to fully understand all the possible features of this product.

After you finish reading this article, you use the WD-40 for most of your household problems. By now you are probably wondering if the name means anything. We know that “WD” refers to “water displacement” because that’s what inventor Norm Larsen had in mind when he started out in 1953.

 The second part “40” means it’s the 40 th formula that was used. The company’s headquarters can be found in San Diego, California. Rumor has it that workers in factories don’t tend to stay in their jobs for long… It’s true that we don’t really know what’s inside this product. But the important thing here is whether it works for different needs – and guesses what? It’s done.

Now, let’s see what are the advantages of this famous WD 40, the “miracle” product. You would be wrong if you thought it could only help DIYers, plumbers, etc. This product can ALL help us in our daily lives. Read on to find out how!

WD-40 to make silver shine

Your guests are arriving for dinner, you want to take out your beautiful silver tableware, but unfortunately it doesn’t shine at all. Do not panic! WD 40 will help you make your silverware shine like day one. All you have to do is spray it on the object, then rub in a circular pattern with a cloth .. and you’re done!

Separate glasses that remain stuck to each other

To party at home, a shot tour can be expected when entertaining friends! Thin, impossible to separate the glasses! If we force, we risk breaking them. No need to run to the store to buy new ones! This is where the WD 40 comes in: Spray the glasses and they will separate automatically. Of course, it is important to wash the glasses well before serving this Vodka.

Zipper problem?

The zipper is certainly an incredible invention, it doesn’t get more annoying when it gets stuck! If you have WD 40 with you, that won’t be a problem soon! All you need is a little bit of spray, and voila!

Shine your shoes

You are happy, you just bought a nice pair of white sneakers! But a few days later, the latter are already not that white. You want to know a little secret? A few WD 40 sprays on your favorite shoes, and they’ll be like new!

Clean tar spots

We have already talked about the possibility of cleaning simple stains with the product. Also be aware that you can even erase tar stains. Incredible, isn’t it? If you have a car, some markings on your car must surely get on your nerves. A little WD 40 on the stained areas and neither seen nor known!

The WD 40 to defrost

Winter is beautiful, Christmas, the trees, and … the snow! Everyone loves snow, but not on their car windows and windshields in the early hours of the morning when you have to rush to work. No time to defrost your car? Don’t panic, all you need to do is spray the product on the areas to be defrosted, followed by a wipe of the cloth to remove the frost. That’s it, you can now admire the wonders of winter through your windows.

A pair of scissors too hard to use?

What to do when you need to cut something but the only pair of scissors in our kitchen is way too stiff to be used properly? Apparently, nothing could be simpler, all it takes is a spray of spray at the intersection of your pair of scissors, and they will work perfectly.

Keep your bird feeders safe

It’s a bird feeder, not a squirrel feeder. Unfortunately, rodents love to come and bite the food you kindly prepared for the birds. If you have this problem, you can use WD 40, applying it to the sides of the feeder. Squirrels can still try to bite the seeds, they will slip when they want to hang on to the feeder. Practice not?

Can’t get your rings off?

One more what is wd 40 used for? Who has this never happened to? You try somehow to take your ring off, until your blood circulation is cut off. Now you can remove them easily: A stroke of WD 40 spray on your ring and it will slip off your finger as if by magic.

Remove stuck chewing gum

It’s very annoying when a piece of chewing gum gets stuck under your shoe, isn’t it? Besides, why the hell are people spitting their chewing gum on the pavement? Either way, peeling gum off the sole of your shoe will soon no longer be a nightmare: no need to rub unnecessarily, or even try to remove it with a toothpick. You can use WD 40 then rub with a sponge: the chewing gum will come off easily.

Remove a trace of lipstick

You have a business meeting in the afternoon! You get ready, give your wife a kiss, and leave your house. Thin! That’s when you realize she left a mark of lipstick on your beautiful white shirt. Fortunately, if you have WD 40 in your car, you can easily remove the mark thanks to some pshits on your shirt.

Remove pencil marks

As much as we love our children’s creativity, it is always annoying when they decide to play Picasso on the living room walls. Don’t panic, you can either buy them some nice canvases or use WD 40 to erase their artwork from the wallpaper once they’re done having fun!

Remove stains from wood

Your coffee table is pretty, but it should also serve. When you watch a good movie in front of the television, you are surely preparing yourself a good coffee, hot chocolate, or even a tea… but you do not always think of bringing a saucer. The next day, the trace of your cup no longer leaves? Don’t panic, the WD 40 will help you get it all done! From now on, try to think about your saucer!

Open a rusty padlock

Again more what is wd 40 used for – A padlock that closes well is essential if you want to best secure the door you are closing. Conversely, it is difficult to come home yourself if the padlock is rusty and cannot open. Use WD 40 on your old padlocks, whether rusted or not, they will now be easy to open.

Remove stickers

Stickers on your computer, on your car, or on your skateboard, it looks “cool”. But after a while they get damaged, you want to change them, or just remove them. Nothing is more annoying than a sticker that has trouble peeling off. Now you know you can use WD 40 to get them off easily.

Protect shower heads

Showering is important, but it can be a bit boring for some. After singing the song, who hasn’t looked at his shower head for a few minutes while taking a shower? This is when we realize that this one is very dirty, and that some points do not even let water through. You can use WD 40, and your pommel will be like new.

Use WD 40 to keep your air conditioner clean

If you are planning to buy a new air conditioner because yours is old and dirty, don’t rush to the store! First, try applying WD 40 to the air conditioner filters. The fresh air will pass through much better than before, and you will surely save a purchase of a new air conditioner.

Clean up traces of water

It’s always annoying to clean your windows and mirrors, scrub, scrub, scrub, to try to remove those damn water spots that won’t go away. Try using WD 40, you will soon no longer have this problem.

In case you didn’t know, gaskets refer to the rubber ties that separate the door and frame of the refrigerator. You don’t have to be a genius to quickly realize that they can get dirty quite quickly: there are often crumbs stuck inside, or traces of fruit juice. If you need to clean this part of your refrigerator, you can just use WD 40 and a rag. Your refrigerator will be like new.

Get rid of insects

Fed up with cockroaches! Sometimes it feels like they can resist anything and keep swarming. Yuck! One thing is certain, they won’t withstand a good shot of WD 40 spray! What a relief to know that this product is also a powerful repellent to eradicate these insects one more answer what is wd 40 used for.

Remove chewing gum from your hair

If you’ve never had gum in your hair, consider yourself lucky! Either way, this situation can still happen in the future. If you want advice, DON’T CUT YOUR HAIR! A little WD 40 can help you. Just one important thing: Close your eyes and mouth tightly when applying the product to your hair.

Shine license plates

A dirty license plate can sometimes get you in trouble! Is it really worth not cleaning it? To do so, use a damp cloth and your WD 40 Who knows, maybe you will be arrested by a police officer because your license plate is too shiny!

Remove extra strong glue

You were wrong if you thought extra strong glue was indestructible! The WD 40 is here to prove you wrong. A spray of WD 40 on the extra strong glue, and it will come off almost everything! As they say, nothing is eternal right?

The WD 40 helps protect your guitar strings

You can use WD 40 to protect your guitar strings. If you are the happy owner of a stringed musical instrument, use a cloth that you have previously coated with WD 40, and string back and forth using the soaked cloth. You will have clean and strong strings for your next concerts!


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